Brother HL-S7000DN - skriver - monokrom - ink-jet

Brother HL-S7000DN - skriver - monokrom - ink-jet HLS7000DNZ1
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Forventet inn: 26.11.18
MedietypeTynt papir, Resirkulert papir, Vanlig papir
The HL-S7000DN is a printer for high-speed office printing. Delivering ultra-fast print speeds and low running costs, it allows your workgroup to respond to peak printing demands with ease. Incredibly energy efficient, the HL-S7000DN is a powerful output solution that can adapt and grow as your workgroup printing needs change. Additionally, organizations seeking to further manage their output costs can consider adding the HL-S7000DN as part of a balanced deployment printing strategy. Installing this high-speed printer with other Brother products allows you to consolidate many other document distribution functions into a centrally located output workgroup solution. The result provides your organization with wider access to additional capabilities while at the same time reducing the size of your equipment fleet and its related expenses.


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